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Caricature Drawings, Portraits, Murals and Sketches

By Artist/Illustrator Dave Marak


Artist Dave Marak has done book illustrations as well as sketches and portrait drawings in acrylics for years. Have him create a unique and treasured drawing for you today!

Contact Dave at davemarak@gmail.com or visit his web site at http://www.davescaricatures.com.


Events $75.00 an hour (min 2 hrs) call or email Dave.

Order by sending a quality photo, either email, davemarak@gmail.com, or snail mail (See address below).
We will be accepting PayPal soon, until then, we accept cashier checks or money orders by mail.

Specify what kind of caricature you would like.
1) Regular  2) Extreme
Caricature Pricing:
  8.5 x 11 Black and white $15.00 additional person $5.00 each or object.
  8.5 x 11 Color $25.00 additional person $5.00 each or object.

For portriat or custom orders please call or email Dave for a quote.


Snail Mail:
Send your photos to:  David Marak, PO Box 16623 Raytown, MO 64133-0723. Please include instructions (i.e. Caricature, Portrait, etc., it also helps to describe the subjects personality and items of interest!), phone number and a return address. 

Click on each thumbnail to view a larger popup window:


(Please respect copy write property when viewing these images)


 Animal Portraits or Caricatures






People Portraits or Caricatures

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These are the photos Dave used to create the caricatures.

"The Crew"

These portraits will look great framed on your wall!


Some of Dave's Book Illustrations

The Blue Angel & Her Garden of Pets
story written by Nick L. Sacco
painting by artist Dave Marak

This book may be purchased from:

Amazon.com or Amazon.ca or Amazon.co.uk

The Bird Book 

by Diane Grindol

Diane Grindol 2006









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